2. Will the GND bankrupt the US? No. While it will cost a great deal (estimates have it in the 93 trillion-dollar range)”

Did you know that the GDP of the USA is $20 trillion? That’s the entire economic output that we have to work with. If we dedicated every penny of that to the GND, then it would take us five years to pay for it. Of course, in the meantime, we’d all have no food, water, clothing, housing, electricity or anything else. Even worse, we wouldn’t have video games! 🤪

Let’s suppose that we dedicated 5% of the GDP to the GND. That would be $1 trillion a year. It would take us 93 years to fully fund the GND. Meanwhile, we’d have to sacrifice $1 trillion in other things. For example, we could shut down 90% of all schools (kindergarten through high school plus college); that would free up a trillion dollars.

If we gave up all of our pets, that would yield on $70 billion — just 7% of what the GND needs.

Wiping out all videogames would net about $40 billion — just 4% of what you want.

We could fire all the police, shut down all the courts, and close all the prisons, and we’d still get only about $300 billion.

Firing all the garbage disposal people would get us only about $11 billion.

Outlawing fireworks would get us $1 billion.

Outlawing cosmetics would get us $8 billion

We could get a big gain by outlawing all restaurants and eateries: $300 billion.

Outlawing alcoholic drinks might save us maybe $40 billion.

We could pick up another $100 billion or so by outlawing movies, television, and other forms of entertainment.

So, if we killed all the dogs and cats; outlawed videogames, movies, TV, alcohol, cosmetics, fireworks, and restaurants; shut down the justice system, and garbage collection, we could scrape together about $870 billion — still not enough to fund the Green New Deal.

Sure, that won’t be hard to do. What’s a little sacrifice to fund the Green New Deal? 😁

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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