“A 2002 study from Brown University studied a population of 1,882 men, 120 who were self-reported rapists, of those, a majority of them (80.8 percent) were repeat rapists, averaging 5.8 rapes each.”

Wow! That number is appalling. I continue to overestimate the virtue of other people, but the Kavanaugh hearings had a big impact on me. The lady was obviously telling the truth, and Kavanaugh was obviously lying, but the Republicans simply looked the other way.

Two observations: first, it has been my experience that rapidly growing organizations suffer from a form of moral anarchy. In such cases, people are expected to take the initiative, to act on their own, and to get things done. Such a social environment encourages unethical initiatives as well; it’s easier to get away with unethical behavior when everybody is just making things up as they go.

Second, the solution is NOT to try to burden a fast-growing operation with complex rule systems; there’s never enough time for all that training. The solution is two-fold: first, we need to establish much stronger cultural mores against male aggression on females. This is primarily a job for males; we guys just have to come down hard on the jerks in the locker room. Women can certainly shame male friends into pushing harder on this, but ultimately the biggest progress will be made when men start signing up for this process en masse.

The second solution is to have thorough analyses AFTER the campaign is over. During the rush of a campaign, we can’t take the time to make sure that everything is done properly. But we can carry out much more thorough investigations after the craziness is over. I would urge the Democratic Party to set up a database of all campaign workers and track critical information on them. Sure, let any and all accusations be made; some of them will surely be false, but the assessment of such accusations should be done by experienced, fair-minded overseers who carry out a more detailed investigation of workers who get too many reports of unethical behavior. A political party needs to protect its workers as well as its image; it should keep track of things like wasting money on nonsense, unethical professional standards, anti-social behavior and yes, sexual assaults. It needn’t pursue criminal charges or anything harsh or serious; simply make sure that questionable individuals are not given positions of authority, or, in the worst cases, not allowed to work in a campaign.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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