A comment and two questions:

  1. Emotional intelligence. The ability to read other people’s emotions is an important component of cognitive talent that is, in general, well-developed in women and poorly-developed in men. I was an emotional-intelligence idiot when I was young; only the patient and persistent prodding and teaching of my wife pushed me towards learning a bit of it. I can state with absolute confidence that Ms. Blasey Ford was telling the truth; it was obvious from her tone of voice, her facial expressions, and her body language. I can state with equal confidence that Mr. Kavanaugh was lying. The aggressive stance that he took was a common male ploy to cover their lying. It doesn’t actually fool women; it serves instead to intimidate women. It’s most common manifestation might be something like “No, I did NOT have sex with that woman, and I’m so angry at your accusation that I might just beat you!” Revealingly, most surveys showed that women tended to believe Ms. Blasey Ford more than men. That’s emotional intelligence at work.
  2. Should not the standard of evidence for elevation to the highest court in the land be “preponderance of evidence” rather than “beyond a reasonable doubt”?
  3. Are there not many other judges who are every bit as conservative and as talented as Mr. Kavanaugh who could have been confirmed by the Senate?

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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