A thought that just occurred to me will surely trigger outrage among some of the readers. I’m phrasing it carefully to communicate the uncertain nature of the idea:

How much of the blame for the huge inequality in wealth suffered by blacks should be placed on black culture?

(I expect that computer monitors the world over are being wiped clean of sputtered coffee just now.)

I won’t speculate about any particular components of black culture that have contributed to the problem. Instead, I will note that every other immigrant group has successful integrated into American society and, after just three generations, achieved full equality. Almost all of these groups were initially despised, yet they have overcome the prejudice and flourished. Italians, Irish, Eastern Europeans, Jews, Chinese, Sikhs, Japanese, Muslims, Mexicans, Scandinavians… we’ve had immigrants from all over the world, from many different cultures, with many different skin colors, religions, languages, and cultural beliefs, and not one of them has been stuck at the bottom of society as blacks have.

No, it’s not genetic; that kind of thinking is absurd and racist. We’ve had plenty of black people who came here from Africa in the last 150 years and have no background in slavery, yet have prospered. They have the same genes, but different cultural backgrounds. It’s not genetic, it’s cultural.

Of course, we could argue that black culture was forced onto blacks by white slave owners. But they’ve had 150 years to develop their own culture, and they’re still stuck.

I emphasize that I’m hypothesizing that the blame falls on black CULTURE, not black PEOPLE.

If this hypothesis be correct, then we conclude that reparations are a waste of money and the focus of our energies should be on reforming black culture to eliminate whatever it is about black culture that is so obstructive. We all have a responsibility to participate in this effort, because we are indeed our brothers’ keepers.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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