“Accepting the lesser evil is the definition of privilege.”

That’s a lie. And accepting the greater of two evils as you do is evil.

“Everyone saying “blue no matter who” wants to go back to the status quo under Obama”

That’s a lie. You don’t know the motivations of other people.

“When presented with the option of Bernie, the only candidate who wants to abolish ICE, and someone like Biden, who wants to “preserve Obama’s legacy,” the privileged thing to do is go with the latter choice because you’ll be fine either way.”

No. Again, you think you know what’s going on inside other people’s minds. That’s wrong.

“The main problem “blue no matter who” folks have with Trump is that he says the quiet part loud, forcing them to confront the ugly reality of what our government has been doing in our name for a long time now.”

There you go again. What vaulting vainglory to think that you know what other people are thinking! And what towering ignorance to assert that Mr. Trump is doing nothing different from what Mr. Obama did!

“Right now, we don’t have to settle for the lesser evil. Bernie has the best platform and the best chance of beating Trump period. If defeating Trump is your top priority, vote for Bernie in the primary.”

False. Some objective analysis shows that Mr. Sanders will lose to Mr. Trump. The Economist published a major article last week analysing a great many factors and concluded that Mr. Sanders has the lowest chance of defeating Mr. Trump. Before you quote some of the polls that show Mr. Sanders having higher approval ratings than Mr. Trump, the key point that The Economist makes is that Mr. Sanders will incite millions of voters to go to the polls to vote AGAINST him — that datum doesn’t show up in the polls.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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