“And no, if Trump loses I will most definitely not help him become an illegal, unconstitutional resident of the Oval.”

That’s reassuring. I assume that you will also object if Mr. Trump declares the election to be invalid because of claims he may make about electoral interference.

“Can you say the same if he wins and the left keeps screaming not my President”

If Mr. Trump wins the Electoral College but loses the popular vote than I will acknowledge that he is the legal President, but I will not accept him as the legitimate President. There’s a subtle but crucial difference between ‘legal’ and ‘legitimate’; if you wish, I’ll be happy to explain it.

Of course, if Mr. Trump wins both the Electoral College and the popular vote, then I will acknowledge him as both the legal and the legitimate President.

“Do you hate President Trump more than you respect the concept of honoring the results of an election?”

I don’t hate Mr. Trump. I consider him to pose the greatest threat to the Republic since the Civil War, and I very much hope that he is defeated in November. But I place the highest possible emphasis on the rule of law; if we fail to honor the rule of law, then we are lost. Ironically, my fear of Mr. Trump arises from his many assaults on the rule of law.

Are you loyal to America or a political party?”

I am certainly NOT loyal to any political party. I have always been registered as an independent and I make every voting decision based on what I know about the candidates, not their party affiliation. I have voted for Democrats far more often than Republicans, but that is only because I judge the policy stances of most Democrats to be better for the country.

Indeed, I will go so far as to say that ‘loyalty’ isn’t the appropriate term to describe my political thinking. I judge political questions in terms of their long-term costs and benefits to humanity as a whole, although most political questions are not of global concern.

Best wishes. 🙂

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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