“Biden, a generally uninspiring ultra-insider, was coronated by the Party.”

Um, no. You see, we have these things called ‘primaries’ in which people vote for the candidate they prefer. Mr. Biden won these primaries by getting more votes than Mr. Sanders. It wasn’t The Party that elected Mr. Biden — it was the voters. You know, democracy and all that stuff.

“To vote anything “no matter who” is a total repudiation of the very purpose of voting itself, which is to exercise the power of choice towards a candidate that reflects your values.”

Wrong. I have NEVER seen a candidate who fully represents my values. Were there ever a candidate who fully represents the values of single person, that candidate would certainly lose. That’s because — brace yourself — people in this country don’t all share the same values. Even people within the Democratic Party don’t come close to sharing the same values. We’ve got people who are primarily concerned with LGBT issues, and other people primarily concerned with racial problems, and other people for whom climate change represents the existential threat, and on and on and on. The whole idea of a political party is that people whose values are compatible but not identical group together to elect a candidate who approximates the best mix of their values.

It is ironic that, in a piece about political parties, you would advocate a position that denies the value of all political parties.

“With what progressives feel is a back-to-back betrayal of their movement…”

Betrayal? There was no betrayal. There was an election, and they lost. Mr. Sanders has the maturity to recognize this reality. Would that all of his supporters were so mature.

“a #neverbiden wing of Bernie supporters are committed to standing their ground, regardless of mainstream Democrats’ threats that that will help Trump’s chances in November. That rationale, they feel, is blackmail.”

I can respect their position only if they are willing to accept the moral responsibility for Mr. Trump’s actions if he is re-elected. Anything else would be rank hypocrisy.

“His role was … ultimately, in the end, lay the seeds for the destruction of the Democratic Party.”

I disagree. Mr. Sanders embodies the same frustrations that motivate Mr. Trump’s most ardent supporters. He is the left-wing mirror image of Mr. Trump. Even the Democratic voters rejected him; meanwhile, the rest of the electorate abhorred him. He is just as much an aberration as Mr. Trump.

“Bernie’s role echoes the role of the left during the progressive era, a force that didn’t quite take power at the top, but which nonetheless sparked a grassroots cultural shift that made progressive policies comprehended, sought after, and eventually achieved.”

It is the COMBINATION of the frustrated wings — both Republican and Democrat — that will generate change. Mr. Trump’s supporters are just as frustrated as Mr. Sanders’ supporters, and for all the same reasons. Mr. Trump was able to mislead them and was thereby elected, but I am confident that a major re-alignment of the government of this country is coming. I agree that Mr. Biden seems an unlikely person to lead such a change, but we should not rule out the possibility. After all, who would have expected a ferocious anti-communist like Mr. Nixon to open up diplomatic relations with Red China?

More likely, however, is the possibility that Mr. Biden’s vice president will lead the change after 2024. Mr. Biden will have calmed the country and tempered the extreme partisanship that now makes governance impossible; this will set the stage for an energetic president to push through the big changes that everybody wants.

The Constitution pretty much forces a two-party system upon us; it is the natural consequence of the structure of the government. If you really want so see fundamental change, you should advocate for a parliamentary system.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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