“By the standard of the campus system that Biden himself helped build, he would be considered guilty.”

I disagree. I believe that the preponderance of evidence strongly favors Mr. Biden. His recent revelations obliterated Ms. Reade’s case, and now the AP has released information from an interview last year, and now Ms. Reade is changing her story yet again. All these changes of her story undermine her credibility.

For me the turning point was watching the video of her accusation. The contrast between her testimony and that of Ms. Ford is striking; I strongly urge readers to look up both videos on YouTube and watch them. Ms. Reade is just not credible.

“Republicans are right to compare Biden’s treatment to that of Brett Kavanaugh when he was nominated to the Supreme Court. It’s a double standard…”

No, Ms. Ford was clearly credible and Ms. Reade is clearly not credible.

“While all these things are fair to note, the two outlets did not emphasize similar inconsistencies in Christine Blasey Ford’s account during Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate hearings.”

There were no inconsistencies in Ms. Ford’s story; it was incomplete. She did not recall how she got home. An inconsistency is a situation in which the witness makes two statements that contradict each other. Ms. Reade’s testimony contains inconsistencies; Ms. Ford’s did not.

“The credibility of Franken’s allegations did not exceed those of Biden, but Franken was forced out of office by opportunistic senators like Kirsten Gillibrand…”

Bull. We had a photograph of Mr. Franken pretending that he was grabbing a woman’s breasts. There is no comparable photo of Mr. Biden.

“But still, Democrats have shown that they prioritize political expediency over their morality, demonstrating to voters that they’ll stand by their man over their morals to believe all women.”

Nope. You don’t have the evidence to support your claims.

“Biden can apologize while not giving credibility to the allegations…”

No. You cannot apologize for an act you have not committed. An apology necessarily implies guilt.

“And if you only believe women when it’s politically advantageous, do you actually care about sexual assault?”

I don’t make decisions like this based solely on believing people based on their gender. That’s sexist. I make such judgements based exclusively when the evidence. Why don’t you?

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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