"calling me stupid and other names doesn’t make you appear more intelligent nor informed than me."

I don't know anything about your intelligence, and I didn't call you stupid. Go back and re-read my comment. I referred to a STATEMENT as a 'stupid lie'. You are not a statement. There's a huge difference between characterizing an ACT and characterizing a PERSON. This is a truth that has been known for many centuries. "Hate the sin, love the sinner."

"We, sir, are a republic."

Yes, and nowhere in my comment did I claim otherwise. What you appear to deny is the statement that every republic aspires to democratic ideals. A republic whose representatives are appointed by a dictator would still be a republic, but would violate democratic ideals. I urge you to study basic political science so that you have a clear understanding of basic concepts of government.

"Until you and your big government, majority rule Democrats change the Pledge of Allegiance, we shall be a republic."

Actually, the pledge of allegiance has no legal standing. Moreover, I believe that a republic is the best political structure for America. What I would like is a republic whose representatives actually represent the people. Currently, they do not. A parliamentary system such as is used in most developed nations would provide better governance than our system.

"Democratic Socialists (it is becoming obvious who is running your party)"

News Flash: Mr. Sanders lost the primaries. Mr. Biden won. Please catch up on the news.

"I believe before 2022, this will bring about the elimination of the electoral college for one."

Again, I urge you to study basic political science. The Constitution of the United States specifies the operation of the Electoral College. To eliminate the Electoral College would require an amendment to the Constitution, which would require the approval of 3/4 of the states. Inasmuch as this would attenuate the power of low-population states, they would never approve it. Therefore, what you believe is politically impossible.

This is a most unfortunate situation, as the conservative minority is using its power to abuse the majority. The majority is growing increasingly intolerant of the abuse it is suffering. There are a few nonviolent solutions to the problem, but my fear is that this fundamental flaw in the Constitution can only be corrected in the same way that the other fundamental flaw in the Constitution (slavery) was corrected.

“At that point, the Democratic Party will control all future elections”

So long as the Republican Party represents only the extreme right wing, it SHOULD be out of power, but by an array of underhanded schemes has been able to retain power. This is coming to an end. My hope is that the Republican Party will suffer such a disastrous defeat in November that it will purge itself of its extremist elements and return to its traditional position of being a center-right party whose efforts are directed to the benefit of the country rather than the retention of power.

“just like in CA where conservatives stand no chance of election or getting any conservative amendments or articles added to legislation”

I have already pointed out that liberals have no chance of election in conservative states. It is telling that you decided not to respond to my counterpoint.

“NY and CA will determine the direction of the country due to popular vote.”

Again, I urge you to educate yourself. New York is fourth in the list of states ranked by population. Texas and Florida are second and third. New York and California together hold only about 18% of the total US population — far too little to “determine” anything. Moreover, they are grossly underrepresented in the Congress.

“This election is about more than you hating Trump and finding all the skeletons in his closet.”

Apparently you are still failing to distinguish between hating the sin and hating the sinner. I do not hate Mr. Trump. I hate those actions of his that have injured this country, of which there are many. As I have written before, Mr. Trump is the most catastrophically bad president in American history. His errors have led to the deaths of nearly 200,000 Americans and cost the economy trillions of dollars.

“It is about determining whether we turn to a government ruled by ideals or common sense.”

You assume that these two are mutually exclusive. This is incorrect.

“There, that is how you write a reply without having to stoop to lobbing personal attacks and insults.”

Again, I urge you to understand the difference between criticizing an idea and attacking a person. Do you believe that the way to resolve ideological differences is by arguing the ideas or killing the opponent?

“I’ll be giving lessons the entire month of August if you would like a lesson in civility sir.”

First, why wait eleven months? Second, if you learn a basic principle of ethics, (the difference between attacking an idea and attacking a person), you’ll realize that no such lesson is necessary in my case.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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