Certainly, our standards of integrity are low; it appears that anything is acceptable so long as it is not provably false. Misrepresentation is common; I encounter it here on Medium all the time.

“Mining companies funding doctorates dependent on an outcome of casting doubt on anthropogenic climate change before the research even begins is a prime example.”

That’s uncommon. A researcher’s reputation is their most important asset, and selling out destroys one’s reputation. Moreover, grant money always goes through the university; the researcher does not deal directly with the granting entity. The university doesn’t want its reputation tarnished, either. This kind of skewed research is normally done by independent think tanks that already have a political agenda.

“Hunter gathering societies live in balance with other species, do not harm the biosphere”

It was common practice among some Native American tribes to set massive wildfires so as to reduce forest coverage. Whether this ‘harmed’ the biosphere is a subjective judgement; what is certain is that these groups definitely altered their environment to suit their interests.

“The biosphere tries to take care of its own, but what happens when the environment cannot cope with a species?”

The biosphere always adjusts to whatever happens. It’s a truly magnificent system, coping with everything that reality throws at it. Huge volcanic emissions poisoning the planet and triggering the end-Permian mass extinction? No problem, lose the trilobites and bring in dinosaurs. Asteroid smashes into the earth, killing the dinosaurs? Piece o’ cake, let the mammals take their place. Individual species come and go, but the biosphere just keeps on truckin’. It’s rather like the individual cells in my body dying and being replaced, even as I continue — except that I’m unquestionably mortal, and the biosphere has surmounted gigantic attacks.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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