“Confirming your contempt for Trump and his supporters, you validated my original response to your comment.”

You assume wrongly that Mr. Trump and his supporters are conservatives. Do you really think that William F. Buckley would approve of Mr. Trump’s behavior? Do you not agree that Mr. Buckley would be disgusted by Mr. Trump?

“I checked, by the end of February, according to Gallup, among registered voters, 43% approved and 53% disapproved Donald Trump’s job as president. Among Republicans, approval rating is 90%.”

Now, now, you shouldn’t go around cherry-picking your data. There have been many polls examining many dimensions of public perceptions of Mr. Trump. An honest assessment requires consideration of all of these polls. Here are just some of those polls. Those numbers include a lot of damning numbers, as well as some supportive numbers. For example, 66% of Americans disapprove of his decision to use emergency powers to fund the wall. 65% would not say that Mr. Trump is honest. On the other hand, 49% of Americans approve of the way he is handling the economy. I urge you to carefully examine these poll results to get a better grasp of the data.

Here’s another set of polls that make it pretty clear that Mr. Trump, if nominated, will lose the election in 2020.

“Hence, the Trump is not the problem, so many so deeply misinformed Americans are. Sadly, on the opposite side similarly deeply misinformed gathered behind Bernie Sanders.”

I am pleased to agree with both statements. I don’t think that Mr. Sanders’s supporters are as wildly off base as Mr. Trump’s supporters, but both sides are definitely operating on emotion rather than reason.

“We have two options. As you mentioned, blood can lubricate the change; those capable to kill more of their opponents will win. Or, we can just talk, and those having better arguments will win. What is your preference?”

I greatly, greatly prefer the latter; the former would be a catastrophe and would mean the collapse of the American republic. My talk of bloodshed expresses my fears and my pessimistic assessment of the state of American politics.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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