Excellent analysis! Yes, the problem is, what will motivate progressives to fight to defeat Mr. Trump? I would think that, if they don’t want to see democracy destroyed, they’d fight against Trump no matter what, but many progressives still seem obsessed with achieving their objectives regardless of other considerations.

The two big issues for Democrats are climate change and health care. Mr. Biden proposes to build on Obamacare, to enhance it however possible. He could have a big impact simply by removing the clauses in Obamacare that make it possible for the pharmaceuticals industry to hike prices in America to appalling levels.

On climate change, I’ll first point out that the notion that we have only seven or ten years to fix climate change is silly. Climate change is a slow, steady process. We cannot achieve step changes in emissions without wrecking the economy. We absolutely MUST make big reductions, but those reductions must be made smoothly and evenly. My estimate is that we cannot achieve zero net emissions until 2050 at the earliest. We should aim for linearly decreasing net emissions up until that point.

I have looked over Mr. Biden’s proposals for climate change and they seem reasonable to me. He doesn’t include a carbon tax, which is politically wise and environmentally foolish. He includes provisions for ethanol, another politically wise and environmentally foolish. But his provisions can actually get through Congress, which is the key factor here.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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