Faithless Electors in 2020

Here’s an interesting possibility.

First, we know that it is most likely that Mr. Biden will win the election. It’s not a certainty, but it is more likely that Mr. Biden will win than that Mr. Trump will win.

Source: Simply Catholic

Second, we know that Mr. Trump will utilize every ploy he can to reverse the results of the election. From his previous refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, as well as a number of other comments he has made, it seems likely that he will encourage violent behavior from his most ardent supporters.

Suppose, then, that these most likely events do indeed take place. We can expect that the great majority of Americans, being decent people, will recoil in horror at the violence. Now imagine that you are one of the electors in a state and you are assigned to vote for Mr. Trump. You have always been a supporter of Mr. Trump, but these latest actions of his appall and disgust you. Before the election, you believed in him, but now, with riots in the streets, bombings, and people being killed, all at his behest, is it not likely that your loyalty to Mr. Trump will be compromised? Is it not entirely plausible that you would choose not to vote for him?

Faithless electors are rare, but does it not seem probable that we’ll see a raft of them this time around? If we do, will we condemn them for betraying their mission?