First, I have posted a response to your lengthy article on capitalism and socialism; I’ll be interested to see your response to it.

We seem to have gotten lost, so I’ll go back to Square One. I freely admit to harboring contempt for Mr. Trump and all those who support him. Mr. Trump is easily the most catastrophically bad President in American history. The catalog of his vices is long and detailed. Barring a political deal, he is likely to spend the rest of his life in jail after ending his term of office. I hold the deepest contempt for those who continue to support a man who has told thousands of blatant lies. That includes almost every Republican.

Mr. Trump has succeeded in getting Democrats angry. There are millions of Americans who don’t just disapprove of Mr. Trump; they hate him intensely. The Blue Wave of 2018 will be followed by a Blue Tsunami in 2020. If the Republican Party does not turn on Mr. Trump and throw him out of the White House, it will be clobbered in 2020 and we’ll have a decade of unquestioned Democratic rule — a prospect that troubles me, because any party that enjoys too much power becomes corrupt.

The chasm between the two tribes in America has now become so wide that it is impossible for even men of good will on the two sides to communicate. I have just terminated a lengthy discussion with a gentleman who supports Mr. Trump. He has been most courteous and civil, but his perceptions of reality are so different than mine that it is impossible for us to have a productive discussion. He refuses to admit that Mr. Trump has lied prodigiously, dismissing Mr. Trump’s lies with the breezy assertion that lying is standard practice for all politicians. He is willing to contemplate trying Mr. Trump for crimes if the investigations produce solid evidence of criminal activity on Mr. Trump’s part — but only if Mr. Clinton, Ms. Clinton, and Mr. Obama are also tried for what he considers to be their crimes.

This is the tragedy of modern American politics. We no longer have a common base of knowledge on which to found our discussions; any fact or evidence I produce is rejected as “fake news”. We can live across the street from each other yet reside in completely different realities. A chasm this deep will only be resolved when some horrible tragedy shocks Americans into recognizing the importance of compromise and rational discussion based on logic and evidence. I fear that much blood will be necessary to lubricate that change.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling.

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