First off, you make a lot of accusations without any supporting evidence. If Ms. Harris did indeed fight to uphold wrongful convictions, could you cite some examples of convictions that were found to be wrongful that she fought to uphold?

Second, the dogmatism you espouse is exactly what got Mr. Trump elected. The Republicans knew that Mr. Trump would be a disaster, and they launched an “Anybody but Trump” campaign, they roundly condemned him, but once he was nominated, they all fell in line behind him and supported him. Meanwhile, millions of dogmatic progressives denounced Ms. Clinton for a range of peccadilloes, insisting that she just wasn’t pure enough. They withheld their support, and sure enough, Mr. Trump got elected by the thinnest of margins.

I find the lack of sense among progressives to be disgusting. Back in the 2000 election, the same attitude brought us George W. Bush, the Iraqi war, the deregulation of the banks leading to the collapse of 2009, and assorted other outrages. Progressives learned NOTHING from that disaster, and 16 years later repeated their stupidity, this time giving us Mr. Trump, easily the greatest catastrophe of a President in American history. And what did progressives learn from this? NOTHING!

I realize that this is unfair to the many progressives who are indeed willing to do whatever it takes to get a Democrat into the White House in 2020; the ideologues such as Ms. Padden are a minority. But these people have been sabotaging the progressive movement for years and seem determined to continue doing so.

By all means, fight for your preferred candidate in the primaries. Donate money, volunteer, put up yard signs, go door to door, do whatever you think best. But once a nominee is chosen, anything less than full-throated support for that nominee is despicable.

The Republicans are outnumbered by the Democrats, but through party discipline, they’ve been beating the Democrats for years. Can we please stop this lunacy?

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling.

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