Friend, this is a rant teeming with misconceptions. You ask rhetorical questions (e.g., “How is it that…?”) for which answers are readily available—and no, the answers do not involve mustache-twirling capitalists sneering as they evict single mothers and their brood into the swirling snowstorm.

You are right that the American economic structure is unfair, and you’re right that the electoral system is also unfair, but the connection between these two facts is nowhere near as strong as you think. Millions of people are prevented from voting, but tens of millions who can vote don’t bother. Voter participation is a larger problem than voter suppression.

You complain about monopolies, but some monopolies arise for perfectly innocent reasons. Information technologies are prone to monopolies because of a combination of huge economies of scale and “winner-takes-all” tendencies.

I urge you to learn about economics. If you really want to understand the role of capital, you should read “Capital in the 21st Century” by Piketty. ( I’ll warn you, though, that you need to understand freshman-level economics in order to grasp Piketty’s points.

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