“He doesn’t look at the presidency as a way to hurt half the country. He actions help everyone.”

I must say, I am flabbergasted by your comment. His tax cut provided $1 trillion in benefits for the wealthiest 1% of the population, and $500 billion for everybody else. Do you believe that this helps everybody equally?

He just cancelled a long-standing bill that was phasing out incandescent light bulbs. He refused to give any justification for this. Incandescent light bulbs are cheaper at first but more expensive over the long run. They are much less efficient than LED bulbs. The only reason that people buy them is that they don’t know that they’re wasting money. The phase-out of incandescent light bulbs was made by a bill that was passed in Congress with bipartisan support and signed by Mr. Obama — and Mr. Trump simply threw away that law.

There are many more examples, but the truly serious issue here is that he doesn’t work with Congress; he does almost everything by executive order. His actions often contradict laws that Congress passed. For example, Mr. Trump took $3.6 billion away from projects that Congress had allocated the money to and diverted it to his wall. Congress is the branch of government that decides how money is spent, but Mr. Trump simply overruled Congress by executive order. What will you say when a Democratic President does exactly the same thing?

Mr. Trump revoked California’s right to set stricter emissions standards — a right that was given to California more than 50 years ago. He claims that this will result in less expensive automobiles, but in fact we’ve been using those standards for more than 50 years! You say he’s not picking on California. Really?

Mr. Trump threatened to apply EPA sanctions to the city of San Francisco because of its homeless problem. Why did he pick on that one city? Are there no homeless anywhere else in the country?

“You are advocating revenge politics and that is wrong.”

No, I’m not advocating these things. I am warning you that, if Mr. Trump can rule the country by executive order, then a future Democratic President can do exactly the same thing. I would prefer to see this country operate by the rule of law, with the President respecting the laws that Congress has passed. But Mr. Trump ignores those laws. You applaud his violations of those laws. OK, that’s fine for today, but you won’t be happy when a Democratic President does to you what Mr. Trump is doing to liberals. Wouldn’t you rather see this country operate by the strict standards of times past?

“So it was good that he tried to compromise with Democrats.”

Are you seriously suggesting that Mr. Trump compromised with Democrats? Check the record: Mr. Trump offered a temporary hold on deporting Dreamers IF the Democrats would give him all the money he wanted for his wall. He shut down the government — you call that compromise????

In the end, Trump folded because he realized that he could not win. He is still attempting to terminate the DACA program — not compromise, terminate — but his plan has been challenged in court and the Supreme Court will decide the matter.

“I don’t agree with you but I don’t approve of Government officials using their power to hurt you either. It’s sad that you apparently don’t feel the same about me.”

Again, I am not endorsing any particular policy. I am warning you that the precedents that Mr. Trump is setting could be turned against you in the future. Wouldn’t you rather have a government that respects both the spirit and the letter of the law?

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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