Here is my complete statement. I ask you to explain how every single statement in that statement is “tired old racist crap”.

You assert that the OP is doing just fine. If that be so, then why is she so angry?

My response to the OP:

You overstate your case. Yes, there’s no question that racism continues to poison this society. There’s no question that there have been plenty of cases of white men getting away with murder, rape, and other crimes. I was particularly outraged by the Senate confirmation of Mr. Kavanaugh. So yes, there’s definitely an issue here.

My objection is only that you exaggerate its magnitude. No, not all white men get away with murder. Indeed, most white men who commit crimes are punished if they’re caught. You can rightly point out that a greater percentage of black men are punished, and often given greater punishments.

There are plenty of counterexamples I could provide. For example, Clarence Thomas, a black man, was confirmed by the Senate despite the credible accusations of Anita Hill that he had sexually assaulted her. And yes, there are cases of black men raping white women — although I offer this fact only as a demonstration that the situation is not as clearcut as you seem to think.

It’s obvious that you’re angry about racism, and your anger is justified. But you will only make matters worse by adding to the polarization. Martin Luther King accomplished far more than you are likely to accomplish, because he did not allow his anger to compromise his agenda.

I am not suggesting that you deny or suppress your anger. You should allow it to continue to drive your actions. But it should not become part of your actions. Venting your spleen only encourages others to vent their spleens — and there are some very ugly spleens out there. Michele Obama nailed it when she said, “When they go low, we go high”. She’s a black woman who has already accomplished a great deal for the world and will surely continue to make the world a better place. I urge you to learn from her example.

Lastly, you have already made up your mind that Mr. Northam is guilty as charged. I urge more intellectual humility. He has denied the accusation. The evidence against him is shaky. It is neither just nor civilized to conclude guilt on such wobbly evidence. Wouldn’t it be better to have an investigation into the matter, and demand his resignation only if the preponderance of evidence weighs against him?

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