“I am yet to hear a reason why voting for Bloomberg in the primary (over Sanders or Warren) is the best way to defeat Trump.”

No, no, that isn’t my claim at all. My claim is that refraining from voting for ANY Democrat because your preferred candidate didn’t win the nomination is immoral.

“is designed to work in such a way that if Trump had just called himself a Democrat, that would make him the “better choice” against some other fuzzily defined evil alternative.”

Again, that is not at all what my essay says. I am explicit in referring to “Mr. Trump’s crimes”, not “Republican crimes”.

“if representative politics isn’t after all about “representation” (of identities, of beliefs, of values) then why should anyone care who they vote for?”

It’s just as much about who DOESN’T represent you.

“The fact that the Democratic Party is always in the compromising position of having to appease the group of people in this country”

The Democrats did indeed try to work with the Republicans in a responsible manner. They have now abandoned that fantasy. Perhaps Mr. Biden will be willing to compromise with the Republicans. I don’t think that any other candidates will be willing to give away much.

“the Democratic Party ISN’T committed to it’s own stated values and cannot motivate it’s base to vote with conviction the way that the GOP can with theirs.”

The irony here is that the progressives are the ones splitting off from the mainstream of the Democratic Party. This is healthy while we’re still in the primaries, but once the Democratic Party has nominated a candidate, the time has come for all ethical people to unite behind that candidate.

“If we haven’t addressed the real problem, then advancing a solution based on the speculative calculus of electoral politics seems like a losing strategy to me.”

Well, I’m not doing that. I’m arguing the ethics of the situation.

“Just ask those who voted for Hilary in 2016.”

I think it’s more appropriate to ask the people who did NOT vote for Ms. Clinton in 2016. They’re the ones with blood on their hands.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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