I asserted that no reasonable person laughs at the statement that 0.001 > 0.0. You responded:

“I can assure you the laughter is long and loud.”

It has long been said that citizens of a democracy get the government they deserve. A citizenry that can’t handle simple arithmetic deserves an equally stupid government.

I agree with you that Ms. Warren’s wealth tax is a bad idea, and I share your concerns about her antipathy towards large tech companies. I judge these to be her two weakest points. However, compared to the other candidates, she’s still way ahead, IMO.

Next you argue that polls cannot be trusted anymore because of their spectacular failure in 2016. Tell you what: I’m willing to believe you if you have never been wrong in your life. 😁

“Trump’s approval ratings hit their low-point in late-2017 but recovered pretty quickly and have been holding steady since at a little over 40%. The Ukraine scandal barely puts a dent in that.”

Wow! Yes, they’re stable — at levels guaranteed to lose. You can’t win an election with only 40% of the vote. You certainly can’t win an election with 55% of the voters opposed to you. But wait: weren’t you just saying that polls can’t be trusted?

I too am pessimistic that impeachment will lead to conviction, not with Republican loyalty being as adamantine as it is. However, we’re seeing more and more evidence of lawbreaking on a wider and wider scale. We now have compelling evidence for twelve felonies committed by Mr. Trump and a solid basis for suspicion of many more. Most important, the walls of silence are crumbling as more and more rats leave the sinking ship and rat on the captain.

Mr. Yang is dead right about job losses, although he exaggerates the importance of manufacturing, which accounts for less than 10% of US jobs. The US economy has been primarily a services economy for decades now, and people just don’t grasp that. Mr. Yang’s solution, a guaranteed income, is affordable only if we make many more sacrifices. I do like the positive effect it will have on consumer spending; we really do need to redistribute wealth away from the rich and towards the poor.

My primary objection to Mr. Yang’s candidacy is that he has no political experience. He has great ideas but I doubt that he can get any of them through Congress. He needs to learn the arts of horse trading, arm twisting, and log rolling. I don’t want somebody who’ll learn those arts by on-the-job training.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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