“…I condemn the Sanders voters that switched to Trump.”

OK, that’s good.

“I am denying that Sanders supporters as a group are more malicious than Clinton supporters”

That’s fair.

“She is claiming that it is Sanders’ fault that Clinton lost the election”

I think she proved that, if the Sanders voters who switched to Mr. Trump had voted for Ms. Clinton, then Ms. Clinton would have won the election. The dispute seems to be over the interpretation of that fact.

“…it is Clinton that proved to be a weak candidate”

That’s a personal opinion, not a demonstrable fact. Yes, she lost. Yes, if Sanders voters hadn’t switched, she would have won. It’s likely that, if the FBI hadn’t re-opened their investigation just before the election, she would have won. There were a million factors at work here. The decisions of Sanders voters were one of those factors. I don’t think that we can boil it down to simple black-and-white conclusions.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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