“I do believe in one response you referred to Clinton as one of the greatest presidents (perhaps just Democratic) in U.S. history.”

Again you lie! Are you trying to outdo Mr. Trump? No, I have most definitely NOT ‘referred to Clinton as one of the greatest presidents (perhaps just Democratic) in U.S. history.’

I have written that Ms. Clinton was one of the most qualified candidates in US History — a fact easily demonstrable. (Be careful that you understand the precise meaning of “qualification” before you respond.)

I have also written somewhere that Mr. Obama and Mr. Clinton were two of the best Presidents in my lifetime.

“As such your “when a man lies, he murders part of the world” quote just comes off as comical, given Clinton’s well known “loose” tongue.”

Woops, it looks like your statement just rebounded upon you.

“If you’d like to be taken seriously, it would benefit you to not sound so “high-minded” regarding your apparent distaste for news publications without political agendas.”

That makes THREE lies! I have expressed no distaste for news publications without political agendas. I did write this:

“I’m willing to believe that you just grabbed something from a website with a political agenda and repeated it as fact, without checking it first.”

Are you aware of the difference between ‘with’ and ‘without’?

“And it’s certainly true that I can’t prove the clip was present and then removed, any more than you can prove it was never there at all.”

Now you’re up to FOUR lies. The Snopes.com article that I cited says:

“We have yet to see any evidence that an Aug. 11, 1993, episode of “Larry King Live” was ever listed on Google Play.”

Given that Snopes thoroughly investigated the incident, the failure to find any such evidence strongly supports the point that it was never there. But of course it is impossible to prove a negative.

“It would take a degree of credulity that I’m incapable of, to believe the clip in question being absent was simply a coincidence.”

Your political prejudices exceed your respect for truth. It is obvious that you did not read the Snopes article I cited; that laziness has now put you in another hole. Here’s what the Snopes article says:

“Google Play lists shows and episodes on its website that aren’t actually available for viewing there. While Google Play lists hundreds of “Larry King Live” episodes, for instance, these episodes are not available to view on the service, but users can add them to their “watch list.”

My contempt for your egregious mendacity, your laziness, and your readiness to sling unjustified accusations has reached the point where I have no interest in continuing this discussion. Please feel free to proceed with whatever lies you wish.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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