“I, like you perhaps, have friends who live in Europe. Many of them say they live in fear because the “open border policies” of their government which after decades of implementation threatens to destroy all that they considered the spirit and culture that was quintessentially “French”, “British”, “Italian” or even “German”.”

You must carefully select your friends; I too have plenty of friends in Europe, and I have never heard a peep from my friends about Muslims. I have spent several months in Europe over the years, and I’ve run into a few Muslims there, and my experiences with them were totally ho-hum. Indeed, this Pew Research page shows that the only strong feelings against Muslims are in Eastern Europe. In France, Germany, and the UK, only about 29% of the population have an unfavorable view of Muslims in their countries.

Muslims now comprise about 6% of the population of Western European countries. That figure is set to increase slowly in coming decades.

“It is a broad statement to assert that America, if it does not adopt the political philosophy of the left (Democrats), will be a nation of “white men”. This is just a ridiculous ploy by those who want to perpetuate a divided America.”

Wow! I’m surprised by this statement. So you see Mr. Trump as a great unifier? You see the people who denigrate Muslims, blacks, and Hispanics as unifiers? You have the matter precisely backwards. It is the Republican Party that is deliberately pitching its line to please a cultural minority consisting mostly of nationalistic whites.

“I would assert that our current leftist political climate, where disabled babies…[anti-abortion rhetoric]”

Why are you bringing abortion into a discussion of white nationalism? Are you so obsessed with that issue that you see EVERYTHING in terms of abortion? Are your political preferences in foreign affairs determined by abortion issues? Are your views on taxes decided solely by how they interact with abortion issues?

“Nationalism does not require ethnic cleansing.”

That’s certainly true, but it is often a motivation for ethnic cleansing.

“It does require, however, that those who choose to immigrate here, move here for what America offers — which used to be a better life based on pursuing happiness and individualism.”

Wrong. I suggest that you read the Federalist Papers and the other writings of people like Madison, Jefferson, and Hamilton, to learn what they saw as the American ideal. That included a nation without any linguistic, religious, or ethnic discrimination. It’s true that slavery was “the witch at the christening” that tainted all their efforts; but Americans fought the deadliest war in their history to correct that mistake. The fundamental principles on which this country was based are those of the Enlightenment. Learn about the Enlightenment.

“…those who take what America has to offer without an effort on their part.”

Oh, come on, spare me the lies about immigrants coming here to be welfare queens. That’s just stupid.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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