I spent some time poring over that line, trying to figure out what the actual line in the speech was. That is, if we assume that Mr. Trump was reading from the teleprompter, what original construction could plausibly have been misread to produce the result? Many years ago I glanced at a road sign advertising an airshow at Moffett air field and thought it said, “Winos over Moffett”. A second glance revealed it to be “WINGS over Moffett”. Then there was the time I was startled in an appliance store by a label for a “Stinkmaster Garbage Disposal”. Oops, no, it was a “SINKMASTER garbage disposal”. So what might Mr. Trump have misread?

I’ve gone over that run-on sentence and come to the conclusion that there is no reasonable sentence in the English language that could have been misread to produce what Mr. Trump actually said. In other words, he wasn’t reading the teleprompter. Apparently it failed and he simply let words come out of his mouth in whatever form seemed right. What we have here is a direct, unedited sample of Trumpian thinking in the raw. Here is a raw transcript of his cognitive processes as they actually are. The man is a slobbering, inarticulate fool.

Yesterday’s events summarize the Trump presidency as bread and circuses without the bread.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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