“I think, at least once a day, about the 2016 election.”

Don’t worry, professional help is available. 🙃

Let’s not forget that the unelectability argument is leveled against EVERY candidate, not just women. Progressives insist that Mr. Biden is unelectable because he’s not progressive enough. Centrists argue that Mr. Sanders is unelectable because he’s too progressive. Mr. Buttigieg is unelectable because he’s gay. Everybody else is unelectable because they don’t have the name recognition. There’s nothing sexist about the unelectability argument; it’s applied to everybody regardless of gender.

There’s no denying the large role that misogyny plays in American politics. Yet that ceiling is cracking. Remember, the American people elected Ms. Clinton to be President; it was the Electoral College that installed Mr. Trump. The most powerful Democrat now is a woman. This Congress has more women than any in history. Emily’s List is helping women get moving in politics. And we have an excellent palette of women candidates for President. It’s true that the two leading candidates are both men, but that, I think, represents factors other than misogyny. And if either one of them does get the nomination, I reckon that it’s a certainty that they’ll choose a woman as running mate. Given their superannuation, they might last only one term, giving that running mate a strong shot at the Presidency in just four years.

You may be in a state of despair, but my impression is that a great many women have been motivated by Mr. Trump’s misogyny to roll up their sleeves and get moving. My wife and I have decided to make a political contribution at the beginning of each month, and our first contribution is going to Emily’s List.

Let’s not counter misogyny with misandry. The male candidates for the nomination look promising to me. I’m keeping an open mind; I have no favorites and I reject only a few of the current mob of candidates. We have to see past the primaries. If we spend lots of time attacking candidates before the primaries, we only weaken them in the general election. Rather than attacking candidates you don’t like, promote candidates you do like.

Then, no matter what, let’s all close ranks behind the nominee. Internal sniping played a significant role in Ms. Clinton’s defeat. Let’s not repeat that mistake.

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