I would prefer somebody more to the left than Mr. Biden, but defeating Mr. Trump is my highest priority. If Mr. Biden can do that, he’s got my campaign contributions and my vote.

The community of commentators here on Medium is well to the left, as you can see from the other comments here, and they definitely don’t like Mr. Biden. The greatest threat to this country is the re-election of Mr. Trump, and the most important single factor in deciding that will be whether the farther left will get mad and refuse to vote if Mr. Sanders isn’t nominated. In the 2016 election, 12% of those who voted for Mr. Sanders in the primaries voted for Mr. Trump in the general election, providing a margin that gave the victory to Mr. Trump. I’m afraid that the advocates of Mr. Sanders are just stupid enough to repeat this dumb stunt.

There’s an ugly irony here: the supporters of Mr. Biden will almost certainly vote for Mr. Sanders if he is nominated. The supporters of Mr. Sanders might not return the favor.

If Mr. Biden is nominated, I hope that he selects a woman from the left wing of the Democratic Party as his running mate. Stacey Abrams would make a great choice. So would Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris.

It’s much too early to make any decisions about this. I’d like to see what Mr. Biden is actually proposing with his ‘middle road’ approach to climate change. There’s no question that the Green New Deal’s declared goal of complete decarbonization by 2030 would trigger an economic collapse; it goes too far. But climate change is a crucial issue in this election and if Mr. Biden’s proposal is not ambitious enough, that would disqualify him in my eyes.

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