I’ll suggest that your explanation is a bit too value-laden to have the impact it could have. You correctly identify the causes of the patriarchal system, but you taint your analysis with condemnation of social structures that arose for logical reasons. Let me remind you that we have seen literally thousands of social systems arise and develop since the beginning of the agricultural revolution, and the fact that almost all of them ended up patriarchal in structure isn’t due to an accident or a conspiracy. Earth was a huge laboratory trying out thousands of social experiments, and the vast majority of those experiments ended up converging on patriarchy. That doesn’t make patriarchy right, nor does it make it wrong. It does mean that patriarchy worked better than any alternatives.

There were some societies that were non-patriarchal; a good example comes from the Mongol societies. The men were gone from home so long that the women ended up as masters of the home environment; the husband was rather like a guest in the wife’s home, who paid for his room and board with the meat he brought home. The wife definitely ruled the roost in Mongol society. And in fact, a number of Mongol women ended up with a great deal of political power.

Rather than judging our ancestors for embracing value systems that worked best for them, I suggest that you first strive to understand why those value systems worked for them; that understanding will help you understand why those value systems are no longer optimal. Yes, society really, really needs to get rid of patriarchy, but not because patriarchy is evil. Patriarchy doesn’t work as well in modern economies. Indeed, my judgement of history is that we are rapidly approaching a point where society would be better off with females dominating. Yes, this will lead to injustices against males, but I don’t see this as cosmic justice or karma; I see it as nothing more than the evolution of social values in response to economic developments.

Sharks kill people; that doesn’t make them evil. They’re just doing what their evolution drives them to do. Societies have been patriarchal in the past. That doesn’t make patriarchy evil. If our civilization lasts much longer, then we’ll evolve towards matriarchy. That doesn’t make matriarchy evil. It’s just a matter of what works and what doesn’t work.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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