“ I’m not sure whether it was redacted or edited in any way.”

We’re quite certain that the transcript that was released was not the full transcript. It bears an annotation indicating that it is only a preliminary summary. We also know that the full transcript was hidden away, which certainly suggests that it contains material of great danger to Mr. Trump.

“But how to prove it in a court of law? That is a more difficult question.”

Yes, definitely. By itself, what was released does not provide a smoking gun. However, when you add the testimony of many witnesses, as well as the other facts we have, I think that there’s enough evidence to convince a jury. In any case, we already have him on the violation of campaign finance law.

“The removal of the president is a political, not legal, process.”

Again, that’s true, although the politics works only if there’s enough support from the public. After all, the Senate is controlled by the Republicans, who definitely will not throw Mr. Trump under the bus unless there’s overwhelming public support for doing so.

“But this question is not being asked, is it?”

Plenty of people are asking that question, but most of them don’t know the full facts of the case. Mr Biden fils was brought in for his experience in the laws on corporate accountability. Moreover, he recommended that Burisma hire a law firm he knew that had particular expertise in that field. Burisma insisted on having him on the board, rather than hiring a law firm as a consultant. It may well be that the directors of Burisma, steeped in the corrupt culture of Ukrainian business, thought that Mr. Biden would somehow help them with the US government. He didn’t.

In any case, WHO GIVES A DAMN ABOUT MR. BIDEN’S SON????? He’s not running for office; his father his. If you have evidence of wrongdoing on Mr. Biden’s part, then present it. But this line of investigation simply has no probable cause to justify it.

“I would have sat on this question until the Mr. Biden won the D nomination.”

The irony of all this is that Mr. Biden’s chances are fading. This entire brouhaha may end up being a complete waste of time.

“Then I would have brought it up over and over and over again in the campaign, like nothing else matters.”

That’s a pretty narrow approach. There are a great many things that matter to me. I support Ms. Warren, even though some of her proposals I deem to be stupid.

“Net result: enough soft support for the D’s would not bother to show up at the polls to affect the results much more than any Russian interference.”

I don’t think that this election will have many fence-sitters. Most people agree that this is the most important election for many decades. And feelings are running high. In elections past, Republicans got high voter participation rates by convincing their supporters that the fate of humanity was at stake. This time around, the Democrats have definitely gotten that feeling.

“The D’s don’t want another 4 years of Mr. Trump, they have to ditch Mr. Biden. But they are not. Another sign the system is broken.”

Haven’t you read the polls?

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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