"Joe Biden Won’t Save America"

Nobody will. Nobody can.

You are young and idealistic. You want a white knight to ride in, slaying all the dragons that beset our society in a single blow, so that everybody lives happily ever after.

Sorry, kiddo, but the real world isn't a fairy tale. It's an immensely complicated place, and there are no simple solutions. Worse, there is intense disagreement as to what is needed to fix things. There are still tens of millions of Americans who think that Mr. Trump is the white knight, whereas you and I consider him to be the worst president in American history. Is your white knight going to slay those tens of millions of Americans?

It is said that "The more I learn, the less I know". You manifest the converse of this adage. With time, you'll learn more about the world, and your simple-minded certainties will give way to more nuanced judgements. You'll learn that the situation is always more complicated than you thought. You'll learn that progress is made not in a single America-saving leap, but in a thousand tiny steps.

The single most useful bit of advice I can offer you is this: inculcate intellectual humility. You cannot learn anything if you think that you already know the answers.

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