Mr. Chomsky’s specific examples are indeed striking, but they do not support a general theory of the role of the press in American society, and they certainly do not support your claim that the press is biased against Mr. Sanders. It’s a very large world out there, with a great many divergent points of view. To reduce that all to the notion of some sort of monolithic political conspiracy is simply childish. I suggest that you broaden your sources of information. In particular, I suggest that you read foreign sources of news. Surely you can’t claim that they are part of an American conspiracy. Check out Reuters and The Economist for starters; they’re easily accessible. Then try The Guardian and the Times of London. The Asahi Shimbun isn’t big on American news, but they have some occasionally interesting stuff. Der Spiegel is the only major German newsmagazine with an English online presence. Le Monde has an English version as well.

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