Ms. Marino, what you call “social videogames” are not about social intelligence. They are multiplayer games, and such games do not primarily require social intelligence. Indeed, in such a game, you as player do not know anywhere near as much about your fellow players as you know about your face-to-face acquaintances. How can you apply social intelligence to people whom you don’t truly know?

As to gamers having perfect social skills, your claim implies that you don’t know what social skills are. My wife, for example, has decades of experience during which she has had to develop her social skills to perform her job, and in fact, she has been very successful, but she would never be so boastful as to claim that she has “perfect social skills”. I have decades of experience with gamers and game designers, and my own experience is that social intelligence is rare in that community.

“The irony is that the core beliefs of the gamers aggressive towards women are the same you use.”

This demonstrates that you do not understand the point I made. Please re-read my comment.

“So if it is about “lack of social skills”, well, then you share them.”

Perhaps you would do better to gain more information about me before drawing such radical conclusions. You could start by looking me up on Wikipedia.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling.

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