Much as I detest the outrageous efforts of the Republican party to game the system to arrogate power, I have to concede that they are on solid ground demanding that the privileges awarded to a state should be based on a count of citizens, not residents. I understand, of course, that the Constitution says ‘persons’, not ‘citizens’, which as far as I’m concerned settles the matter. However, I think that in principle, a state should not have more representatives in Congress because it has many undocumented aliens. That, in effect, awards political power indirectly to undocumented aliens. It seems unfair to the citizens in other states.

On the third hand, a state does have a responsibility for providing services to all its residents, even undocumented immigrants, and therefore should be awarded grant money for these purposes in proportion to its residents, not just its citizens.

I’m working on finding a fourth hand… 😄

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling.

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