Now is the best time for China to invade Taiwan

Source: People’s Daily, China

Here’s a truly wild and crazy idea: if China ever hopes to regain Taiwan, the next few weeks are probably the best chance it will ever have. Let me walk you through the logic leading to this hard-to-believe speculation.

Taiwan will NEVER consent to unification

Invasion is the only means to achieve China’s objective

However, there’s another factor that, I believe, is crucial to Chinese calculations: Mr. Trump. He has demonstrated that he is grossly incompetent and he has avoided military activity. A Chinese invasion of Taiwan would present him with a conundrum that he is incapable of solving. Yes, he would certainly hope to benefit from the ‘rally around the flag’ effect — more on that later. Therefore, he would surely commit to a strong response. But then his incompetence would come to the fore. He has publicly derided the generals and admirals. He would treat their advice with the same disdain that he treated epidemiologists’ advice. He would attempt to directly control American military forces, and of course he would botch the response as badly as he botched the response to Covid-19. American military forces would receive orders, countermands, and new orders. Their response would not be coordinated, but instead would be organized to look good on television. As America suffered defeat after defeat, Mr. Trump would cave in and abandon Taiwan, granting China a huge geopolitical victory. The collapse would mark the moment when China passed America as the world’s leading superpower. That is certainly a goal worth aiming for!

Failure is not an option for China

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Helping Mr. Trump


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