OK, let’s go another round. First off, if Mr. Sanders wins the nomination, I’ll contribute to his campaign, I’ll wear his button, and I’ll vote for him. Can you say the same thing if Mr. Biden is nominated?

I like almost everything that Mr. Sanders proposes. He did a huge service to this country by broaching proposals that weren’t on the table three years ago, and he put them on the table. My reservations about Mr. Sanders stem from his immature reaction to losing the nomination to Ms. Clinton. He should have enthusiastically supported her and urged his followers to do the same. Instead, his support for her was half-hearted at best, and enough of his supporters stayed home to give the victory to Mr. Trump. I’m not blaming them for Mr. Trump’s victory — in an election as close as that of 2016, a zillion factors combined to get that result. But Mr. Sanders was one of those factors, and that lack of basic moral sense in the man scares me. I have my doubts that he would respond to other setbacks in a mature fashion.

I’ll also repeat my admonitions about your sloppy use of the terms ‘socialism’ and ‘capitalism’. Your use of the terms is so vague that your advocacy of socialism could justifiably be equated with Stalinism. Do you truly understand what socialism and capitalism are? There’s no question that the American economic system is way out of whack and needs major changes, but I suspect that you have no conception what the real problems are and what must be done about them beyond “Down with the rich!” and “Down with corporations!” Perhaps I am wrong, but I’d appreciate it if you would bring a better-informed analysis to your commentary.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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