Perhaps the problem here is that you are young or have no memory of past events. I refer you to the platform of the Democratic Party for the 2016 election:

You'll find that it doesn't differ much from Ms. AOC's proposals. She definitely did a good job of hyping these ideas, but she certainly didn't invent any of this stuff. She's a good saleswoman, and I think that she has great potential, but the Green New Deal as proposed by Mr. Sanders (Ms. AOC has not offered much in the way of specifics) is not viable; his numbers don't add up.

"She has changed the national debate like no other politician."

No, she has excited and energized progressives, but she hasn't really accomplished much in Congress. That's not her fault--she's a freshman congresswoman.

My objection to your comments is that you are projecting your own passion onto everybody else. This is a universal mistake. Most Trump supporters are certain that he'll win in November, despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary. Why? Because the only stuff they see talks about how great Mr. Trump is. You're doing the same thing with Ms. AOC.

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