“so is 16 million of bs because Democrats couldn’t deal with HRC losing.”

Um, check your history. The Democrats did not launch the Mueller investigation; the Republicans did. Are you seriously claiming that the Republicans were so upset at Mr. Trump’s victory that they launched the Mueller investigation to reverse that victory?

“I have never blindly supported President Trump but Mueller said he’s innocent of collusion so That should be the end of it.”

Yes, that’s the end of the question as to Mr. Trump’s possible collusion with Russians to alter the outcome of the election. There are still 16 other investigations going on. As a fair-minded person, do you not applaud the investigations as a way to clear up all these accusations once and for all?

“More investigations are just revenge for people who can’t tolerate any Republican in office.”

Ah, now I understand: you don’t understand what ‘investigation’ means. An investigation is an attempt to determine the facts regarding the possibility that a crime was committed. A proper investigation nails the guilty and exonerates the innocent. You seem to object to the idea of catching the guilty and exonerating the innocent. Why?

“Both party should get back to the business of governing and stop this nonsense.”

So you don’t care if we look the other way when crimes are committed. I myself am a strong advocate of the rule of law. I urge you to respect the rule of law.

“Not all fair minded people are Trump devotees. Some of us have been pushed into defending him bc of the craziness in the current Democrat party.”

Wait a minute — the Democratic Party is crazy but Mr. Trump isn’t? The man has told thousands of documented lies. He grabs women by the pussy. He insults foreign leaders and physically shoves them out of his way. You consider this to be sane, rational behavior?

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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