“ The current killing of civilians overseas in war zones at an 80 percent rate is similar to the statistics kept under the Obama administration.”

Mr. Trump has greatly increased the number of drone strikes. He has also revoked Mr. Obama’s policy of reporting the number of people killed by drone strikes.

“Democrats will have to come to terms with the fact that their entire agenda post-2018 is predicated on repealing or revamping policies mostly put in place by Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.”

No, the agenda you describe doesn’t repeal or revamp Mr. Obama’s policies, it improves or expands them.

“In a contrast with Obama, a bare majority of Democrats now consider themselves economic protectionists…”

The Democratic Party has always been protectionist; free trade has been a Republican policy. Mr. Trump has reversed that, but I doubt that Republicans will retain his stance once he’s gone.

“…young Democrats self identifying a socialists.”

How is this contrary to Mr. Obama’s stances? The fact that he had to make compromises with the Republicans doesn’t mean that he embraced their political philosophy.

“…his policies paved the way for Trump policies liberals now oppose.”

You have not provided convincing arguments that this is true. The only comparison here is that Mr. Obama relied more heavily upon executive orders when Republicans refused to compromise with him, and Mr. Trump has expanded use of executive orders, issuing an average of 52 executive orders per year as opposed to Mr. Obama’s 35. IIRC, only one of Mr. Obama’s executive orders was overturned by the courts, whereas a number of Mr. Trump’s have been rejected by the courts.

Mr. Obama was definitely one of the better Presidents in American history. Mr. Trump is surely the most catastrophically bad President in American history.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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