“The Democratic Party leadership is opposed to Bernie and his policies, despite the popularity of both inside and outside the party.”

Popularity? Perhaps you should look at any of the many, many polls that have been ongoing for months. They all show that Mr. Biden is definitely more popular than than Mr. Sanders, and that Ms. Warren is slightly more popular than Mr. Sanders. He has been running at third place for months.

“It appears they would rather lose to Trump than share power with their progressive base.”

Assuming that those you disagree with are evil idiots does not contribute to the political discussion.

“Expect more dirty tricks from the DNC.”

There was ONE dirty trick by ONE Democrat during the 2016 primaries. There is absolutely no reason to believe your accusation.

“I suspect they are flooding the field with so many candidates in order to deny anyone enough delegates to win the first round of voting.”

Apparently you do not understand one of the core principles of any democracy: anybody is permitted to enter a race. The Democratic Party does not choose its candidates; individuals decide to run on their own initiative. You really need to study political systems more thoroughly if you are to offer useful commentary.

“On the second round — as per their “reforms” — the superdelegates can then step in and ensure that a corporate-approved candidate is installed.”

Do you have any idea of how the superdelegates are selected? Do you have any idea of who they are? I suggest that you acquaint yourself with the basics; here’s a good starting point. The superdelegate concept is a prudent arrangement that recognizes the wisdom of people who have proven their political acumen. And by the way, Mr. Sanders is a superdelegate.

I urge you to take the time to study the nomination process; it will disabuse you of your fears.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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