“ The improbability of this man becoming President, combined with his profoundly un-genteel political persona, has transformed his enemies into sharks in a blood-red sea, snapping and writhing mindlessly.”

Sure, there are plenty of hotheads out there, but you seem to think that Mr. Trump is no worse than any previous President. This man has told over 12,000 documented lies — and don’t respond by saying that all politicians lie. Mr. Trump lies on a scale immensely greater than any politician in American history.

Surely you don’t need me to go through the long, long list of his outrages against our republic and its laws. Regardless of political party, I think you have to agree that Mr. Trump has egregiously violated a huge range of our standards of political decency.

“Despite a Special Prosecutor and months upon months of exercise, however, nothing came of this.”

I suggest that you read Mr. Mueller’s report. He documents ten cases of obstruction of justice. Obstruction of justice is a felony.

“The sensible thing is to rely upon the next election to unseat the President, but the Democrats seem unable to trust themselves to succeed at this.”

Now, that’s just BS. The battle within the Democratic Party is between those who want immediate (if useless) action, and those who want to wipe the floor with the Republicans in 2020.

“So now the President’s request of the Ukrainian President to investigate Biden’s dealings with the Ukraine is held up to be a monstrosity against with the Rape of Lucrece was but a trifle.”

I believe that the statute of limitations on that crime had expired before the Constitution was signed. Seriously, are you suggesting that Mr. Trump’s apparent attempt to trade weapons for personal political benefit is not the most serious crime committed by a President in American history?

“…and that Biden may well have done something to investigate,”

You offer this as a serious analysis and you’re playing childish what-about games? Are you attempting to minimize the seriousness of Mr. Trump’s actions?

“it’s hard to avoid the suspicion that all the sound and fury will signify nothing”

That’s wishful thinking pretending to be analysis on your part. We do not have enough evidence as yet to draw any firm conclusions, but the evidence we do have is far too strong to be dismissed so airily.

“Enforcing the law is, after all, part of the President’s job.”

Good lord!!!! One possible crime does not justify an actual crime, and certainly not one committed by the President of the United States. Have you NO respect for the rule of law?!?!?!

“Clinton and Trump will make IJB (Impeachment, Just Because) the norm.”

Get a grip, man. There was no serious talk about impeaching Mr. Bush, nor was there serious talk about impeaching Mr. Obama. Both Presidents ignited their share of controversy, but talk of impeachment was limited to the hotheads on both sides.

But the most surprising thing to me about your essay is your implicit assumption that Mr. Trump is just as innocent as every other president; you seem to deny that Mr. Trump has done anything untoward. I should think that a man who drapes himself in the robes of the political commentators during the debate on the Constitution would honor minimum standards of political decency. I have always held high respect for the great American conservatives (e.g., Buckley, Friedmann, Will), but if you represent the closest approximation of classic American conservatism remaining, then I think it safe to say that classic American conservatism is dead.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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