“the prevailing argument for Biden, though, is largely unsaid: He’s an old white man.”

You have it backwards: that’s the prevailing argument AGAINST Mr. Biden. I would prefer to concentrate on such issues as qualifications and policy proposals.

“…those who wonder whether America is “ready” to elect anyone other than a straight white man.”

Here’s a little history lesson: in 2008, America elected a fellow who was not a straight white man, by the name of Barack Obama. They re-elected him in 2012. And in 2016, America elected Ms. Clinton. Despite this, the Electoral College elected Mr. Trump.

“Though we’re unlikely to hear anyone describe a vote for Biden as driven by identity politics, that’s exactly what it is.”

Only in the eyes of people who see EVERYTHING in terms of identity politics, as you do.

“….2020 can’t just be about beating Trump.”

True, but beating Mr. Trump is far and away the highest priority. Failing to beat Mr. Trump would be a national catastrophe. Beating Mr. Trump is NECESSARY; anything else is DESIRABLE.

“Frankly, someone who cracks jokes about asking permission before touching others is not that person.”

Your opinion on this matter is not widely shared. By all means, make your argument as persuasively as you can, and if you succeed in rallying American voters (not just Democrats) to that principle, then I will congratulate you.

“Biden, who waited nearly three decades to reach out to Anita Hill — and even then, didn’t really apologize for his leading role in her national humiliation — is not someone who understands what is happening in this country right now.”

I fear that you may be so deeply enmeshed in a bubble of like-minded thinkers that you may be projecting what your bubble thinks onto the country as a whole. It’s difficult to assess the mood of such a greatly fractured culture. It may be that the only way to truly assess that mood is with a national election — but we need to figure this out BEFORE the election, not after. The most acidic recent measure of that mood with respect to feminism was the reaction to the Kavanaugh hearings. The preponderance of evidence weighed against Mr. Kavanaugh; the polling data show that roughly 50% of the public was unconvinced of his innocence and opposed his confirmation, while about 40% supported him. This is a good sign, but Mr. Biden’s case is far less egregious than Mr. Kavanaugh’s. The polling data on Mr. Biden is generally favorable.

“It’s still early in the election cycle. We don’t have to choose between the man who grabs pussies and a man who rubs shoulders.”

I agree. But the acid question is this: if you have to choose between a man who grabs pussies and a man who rubs shoulders, will you actively support the man who rubs shoulders? Or will you stay home on Election Day?

“We don’t need another president who can’t apologize to women, another president who can’t see past his own savior complex.”

I think that your assessment here is too harsh. Mr. Biden is most definitely NOT a sexual predator. You know that.

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