This article demonstrates just how much conservatives fear their continuing loss of support from voters, and their desperation to come up with schemes to hold onto power despite having no democratic mandate. Some examples of the desperately twisted logic used here:

“Democrats are trying to use the NPV compact as a Hail Mary to oust President Trump.”

The author seems to be unaware of the fact that the 2016 election is over and the NPV effort has yet to succeed. The NPV cannot be retroactive. Sheesh. 😖

“In other words, it effectively gives the national popular vote winner a state’s electoral votes regardless of who the people voted for.”

No. It gives a state’s electoral votes to the person that the majority of Americans voted for.

“This could potentially disenfranchise Democratic voters because they have to keep their legislation largely nonpartisan. They can’t pass laws criminalizing Republicans winning elections.”

What in the WORLD are you talking about???? This is just blithering.

“it’s clear that the current states in the compact might believe this will benefit Democratic candidates.”

Nope. The motivation here is the concept that the majority should have priority over the minority. Do you advocate that the minority should be given power over the majority?

“Now here’s what the 2016 map would look like if Donald Trump had actually won the popular vote with today’s NPV compact states in full effect:”

If the NPV had been in effect in 2016, Ms. Clinton would have won. But if Mr. Trump had won the popular vote, I would grudgingly acknowledge him as the legitimate President. With the current system, Mr. Trump has little legitimacy. You seem to be considering the problem exclusively in partisan terms. I’m not motivated by crass calculations of which party will gain an advantage from one scheme or another; my concern is with the health the American republic. The Electoral College is destroying the legitimacy of the republic.

“Whether or not that’s true, they can’t ignore the possibility.”

You seriously think that Mr. Trump has a chance of winning in 2020? I suppose that’s possible if the farther left wing of the Democratic party plays the puerile games it played in 2016, but I suggest that you consult any of the hundreds of polls that have been published in the last two years. The most telling are those that ask Trump voters whether they regret their vote.

“the economy has improved dramatically.”

You might want to acquaint yourself with what economists, the stock market, big banks, and think tanks are saying about the likelihood of a recession before the election. In particular, search for the phrase ‘bond inversion’.

“The biggest policies that would be interesting to see from his campaign would be cannabis and prison reform.”

Here is a Gallup poll on voter concerns from last October. Neither of your issues shows up on it; most of the concerns on the list are bad for Mr. Trump. Numerous polls show that Mr. Trump is consistently acting in opposition to the desires of the majority of American voters.

“he would do well to talk up efforts to connect with the UK during Brexit and to work towards a new free trade agreement with them to compete with the European Union.”

Mr. Trump’s foreign policy has been a disaster across the board. His trade policies have cost the economy billions of dollars.

“In the long run, President Trump has a good shot at winning the national popular vote.”

Wishful thinking. This is not analysis, this is slovenly propaganda.

“Democrats can stick their heads in the sand or they can accept that there’s an issue within their party and try to nominate someone with enough sense to win.”

Gee, you’re not prejudiced or anything, are you? 😃

“That will be difficult, but if they fail to even win the popular vote, we will see history made as several states who haven’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 30 years will potentially disenfranchise voters and forfeit their electoral votes to President Trump.”

You don’t even understand what the NPV proposes! It doesn’t go into effect unless and until enough states with a majority of Electoral College votes agree to it.

What rubbish.

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