"This is racist"

Yes, that's that same tired old accusation people make when they have no substantial rebuttals to offer. OK, fine, and you're a big fat poopyhead. So there!

"Although you claim that there is equality based on law, you are forgetting the federal court rulings that had to take place and the enforcement of integration through state troopers and US Marshalls in order for that equality to take place."

Jeez, use some logic, child. Your first clause is in present tense, and your subsequent clauses are in past tense. Do you understand the difference between the present and the past? Yes, the past was bad; Ghengis Khan wiped out entire cities. The A-bomb killed at least 150,000 people. But I wasn't talking about the past.

"You also have no understanding of African American Vernacular English or black culture."

My proposal is based on one fact that you cannot refute: black culture is different from American culture. That's my point. Black culture triggers xenophobia, not racism. Perhaps you're too young to know that this supposedly racist country elected a black man to the presidency a few years back.

"you cannot use your list of the few Black people you can name to justify the lack of wealth for the millions of other Black Americans. "

I did not attempt to justify the wealth inequality; can't you read? I proposed a solution. It's not perfect, but you make no attempt whatsoever to demonstrate that my proposal won't help. That's the fact that demonstrates the inutility of your comment.

"Maybe you should read some Ibram X. Kendi or bounce these ideas off of the Black people in your life"

I can always learn more, but I'm studying matters that will be more productive. I just had a long discussion with a Japanese friend about the question of whether Japanese culture is racist or xenophobic.

You need to learn a LOT more; I get the impression that you did not begin to grasp my points. You need to learn about history, anthropology, linguistics, and human evolution. If you read a few score books on these subjects, you might be able to understand my proposal.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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