“What happens when states do things that are contrary to the current position of the federal government? Fortunately enough, we have modern day examples of CA having laws that are in direct violation of the federal government.”

Yes, states sometimes do defy the federal government, as in the examples you cite. There are also cases in which the federal government has granted indulgences to individual states to ignore federal law. For example, California has long had a special indulgence permitting it to impose stricter air pollution controls on automobiles than the federal government requires. Interestingly, Mr. Trump has revoked that indulgence, but the case is now in court and I suspect that Mr. Trump will lose.

However, when an issue becomes significant enough, the feds can send in the National Guard to enforce its will. For example, when George Wallace, the governor of Alabama, defied federal law on civil rights, President Kennedy sent in the National Guard and Wallace was forced to back down.

“The answer is simple. Democrat states can just declare that all federal tax payments — i.e income taxes, medicare tax, and social security taxes — be paid to the state treasury until the federal government figures out the answer.”

The IRS will respond by prosecuting taxpayers who do not pay their taxes. It is conceivable that, were enough taxpayers to defy the law, the IRS would not have the resources to prosecute them all. But pulling this off would be quite a trick. The state cannot order taxpayers to pay the state instead of the feds; if it did, they could simply ignore it. Perhaps the state could pass a law promising legal aid to any taxpayer who renders payment to the state instead of the feds.

Moreover, the feds would see this is a fundamental challenge to their power, and they’d first get a Supreme Court ruling to overrule the state. When the state defied that ruling, the feds would send in the National Guard to take over the state government. So either California loses or we have a civil war.

“I will not pay federal taxes to the federal government until I get $.”

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Don’t think that the IRS won’t come after you.

“I believe we are already well down the line toward blue states revolting. …We are already in a civil war. You’re just worried that it might resort to states taking up arms against each other. I don’t believe that will ever happen. The federal government will just fall apart and the states will have to reconstruct it.”

So we’re already in a war, but there’s no shooting? No, we are not in a war. There is a conflict, but so far everybody is playing by the rules. You seem to think that some states can declare that they’re not going to obey the law, and everybody else will say, “OK, fine with me.” Why shouldn’t they resort to military force? If California declares that it won’t pay taxes anymore, there are a lot of states that will suffer financial losses due to that, and you can bet that those states’ Congresspeople will demand military action against California.

There is no simple way out of this. At the very least, cooler heads will insist that we wait for the November election. Mr. Biden will take a more conciliatory posture, and that will be enough to mollify the states.

We still need fundamental changes in our government, but those changes cannot be accomplished without the lubrication of rivers of blood.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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