“What is it with Liberals and taxes?”

Yes, on one side we have tax-and-spend Democrats and on the other we have borrow-and-spend Republicans.

“So a revenue neutral carbon tax would help with climate change?”

Yes, it would depress demand for fossil fuels.

“Millions of people still have to drive to their jobs.”

Yes, and right now they drive gas guzzlers. They could be driving cars with better gas mileage. Or they could be driving electric cars.

“There is no way capitalism can fight climate change.”

Yes, the free market system cannot cope with externalities. That’s what governments are for.

Most commerce just has to be done away with.”

Gee, why don’t you just kill of humanity while you’re at it? Commerce is fundamental to civilization.

“Trump is going to get a second term because of that.”

Dream on.

“The Republicans are business as usual, the Democrats are going to turn America upside down.”

Bernie Sanders, yes. Everyone else, no.

“All of Trumps supposed crimes do not bother them at all.”

Fortunately, most Americans aren’t that stupid.

“Taking away their cars or home heating oil does.”

It would, if somebody tried to do it. A carbon tax doesn’t do that.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling. www.erasmatazz.com

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