Your essay greatly impressed me until I reached the last line:

“That’s why I’m betting on Bernie. He’s one of me.”

OK, so your analysis isn’t objective; it’s an advocacy piece. That doesn’t make it wrong, but it certainly undermines the confidence that I have in it. But then came the real kicker: your self-description.

“I am the author of 6 books and many articles, former executive editor of The Village Voice, and an adjunct professor at Hunter College (City University of N.Y.)”

So you’re a member of the professional class who supports Mr. Sanders. You are the contradiction of your own thesis!

OK, I realize that one contradictory case, however blatant, doesn’t contradict all the statistical evidence you present. It may well be that your net worth falls well below that of doctors, lawyers, and programmers, but you’re still a member of the professional class — hell, you’re a professor! If professors aren’t professionals, who is? Perhaps you would have done better to talk about class in terms of wealth rather than occupation.

But there’s a far more important issue to consider here: I maintain that it is unhealthy to our democracy to promote reliance on class in voting decisions. I am one of those rare voters who actually judges candidates on their policy proposals, not their gender, class, color, religion, or national origin. I withheld judgement for a long time until I was able to learn enough about their policy stances, at which time I decided to support Ms. Warren. But then, after I read her detailed health care proposals, I decided to withdraw my support. I dallied with Mr. Buttigieg for a while, then backed away from him. Of late, I’m leaning back towards Ms. Warren. But my thinking has nothing to do with my financial position; it is based exclusively on considerations of policy.

The only solid conclusion I have reached from all this mental hand-wringing is that Mr. Sanders would be a disastrous candidate. Most of his supporters are so deeply enmeshed in the progressive culture that they have no inkling of the mentality of conservative voters. Gee, all their friends and all the blogs they read support Mr. Sanders, so obviously Mr. Sanders will beat Mr. Trump by a landslide, they reason. What they just don’t get is that the word ‘socialism’, which they have ignorantly positive associations with, falls in the minds of most conservatives somewhere in the neighborhood of ‘Satanism’. Mr. Sanders will draw conservatives to the polls in their millions and will lose to Mr. Trump.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling.

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