Your impatience is driven by ignorance of how the law operates. Sorry, you can’t just snap your fingers and make things happen. You have to actually dot your i’s and cross your t’s in order to get courts to support you.

The Democrats started working on enforcing the law the minute they took over the House. First they had to assemble the teams and sort out which committees would handle which tasks. Given the large range of Mr. Trump’s crimes, this in itself took a lot of time. There were a zillion ways to slice that huge pie, and everybody wanted a slice for themselves. Ms. Pelosi finally got it all sorted out to everybody’s satisfaction, but it took some time.

With the investigations launched, the Democrats had to subpoena witnesses and documents. Now, I’m sure you would would just call the White House and say, “Gimme everything you got!” but you wouldn’t get anywhere with that demand. If you want your subpoena to pass muster in court, it must precisely specify what documents you require. That’s rather difficult when you haven’t actually seen any documents, so you must precisely specify what documents COULD be appropriate to your investigation. Again, you can’t just demand “everything about any crimes Mr. Trump may have committed.” You have to nail it down carefully. Everything you demand must be legally justifiable, and if your demand is too broad, the court will reject the subpoena and you’re back to square one.

Once you’ve done all your research and written a bullet-proof subpoena, you present it to the White House. They, of course, will not respond immediately; they need time to prepare a legal justification for rejecting the subpoena, and you can be certain that they’ll take as long as possible to delay that process.

Once you’ve gotten their rejection of your subpoena, you have to take them to court to enforce the subpoena. But wait! You can’t just march into court, throw the subpoena into the judges’ faces, and demand justice. No, you have to prepare a legally convincing rebuttal to the Administration’s justification for rejecting the subpoena. Back to the law library you go, digging up any case law they’ve cited, preparing detailed explanations of exactly why they are wrong. Scratch another few weeks.

At long last you have your legal rebuttal ready. You file your complaint with the court. Ta-da!

Wait a minute! Well, actually, wait a month. Courts don’t decide things overnight. They need time to evaluate both sides, research all the case law themselves, and write up a decision. The court wants to make sure that its decision will stand up on appeal, so they sweat every detail to make sure that their decision is bullet-proof. That takes time.

That’s about where we are right now with many of the investigations. The Democrats have not dawdled; they’ve been proceeding at a good pace. But the wheels of justice turn slowly.

Over the next month or two, we’ll start seeing courts returning their decisions on the subpoenas. The Democrats will win most of these. The ones they lose will likely be because they overlooked some detail, and they’ll have to go back and correct the error before returning to the court. The Administration will have some grace time to prepare appeals, which they’ll use to the maximum extent permitted by the law, and they’ll file their appeals. Then the Democrats get grace time to prepare their rebuttals, and then the appellate court gets more time to evaluate the arguments, and write up its decision. This could take three months. Whatever happens, the loser will appeal to the Supreme Court. Figure another three months.

So sometime next March, right in the middle of the primaries, the Democrats will finally have enforceable subpoenas. The Administration will need time to collect all those documents. Figure another month. Then it will release thousands of pages of documents, leaving out the smoking-gun documents. The Democrats will have to pore through every last page in order to figure out what’s missing. They demand the missing documents; the Administration obfuscates; more weeks go by. By the time of the conventions, the Democrats finally have all the documents. They’ve got the smoking-gun documents, but those documents aren’t recognizable as smoking guns by the public. So now they put together hearings in which they confront witnesses with the documents. The Administration will of course demand time for the witnesses to prepare; the hearings aren’t held until September.

This is the payoff. Administration officials are forced to acknowledge that, well, yes, what Mr. Trump did was in fact, well, er, uh, a felony. The proof is laid before the public.

You, of course, would demand an impeachment; that would permit Mr. McConnell to stage a show trial in which the Republicans produce lots of false testimony “totally and completely exonerating” Mr. Trump. The public would go into the election deeply divided between two versions of the truth. Who know what would happen?

Fortunately, Ms. Pelosi is not an idiot. She’ll block any attempt at an impeachment. In November the public will go to the polls knowing the range and depth of Mr. Trump’s crimes. He’ll lose, and on January 21st we can indict him. He’ll be convicted and spend the rest of his life in jail.

Unless people like you screw it up because you’re ignorant and impatient.

Master of Science, Physics, 1975. Computer Game Designer. Interactive Storytelling.

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